Tell Your Money Where to Go Instead of Wondering Where It All Went. 

Coach Steve Hagen

Change your Choices Change Your Life.

Coach Hagen is a former NFL, XFL , Power Five football coach. Now, as a Dave Ramsey Preferred Financial coach, Steve will help you align your financial life with your future goals to become financially strong and free!

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What They're Saying

Jennifer B.

Coach Hagen is the Best! I am finally on the road to achieving my financial freedom! Steve always comes to the table with guiding direction, insight and constant support, he gave me hope! He truly cares, he has taken many texts and calls outside of our scheduled appointments and randomly calls to check-in. I am so thankful for his professionalism and true caring. I'm winning!!!

Munday M.

My wife and I are full-time ministers. We have been blessed by Jesus to get our family out of debt and make a solid financial plan for our family's financial future. Steve really gave me great council for some difficult questions that even online resources and books could not offer. It was invaluable with a God and family first agenda. Do not wait! Call Steve now! Years from now you will be so glad you did.

Stephen and Shiela M.

Outside of Steve teaching us the importance of budgeting and understanding our personal finance, he instilled a deeper understanding of teamwork, accountability, and direction. We were going through what I would imagine most couples do in our situation, finger-pointing, feelings of anger and anxiety, depression, and guilt. Hanging on to those emotions makes it impossible to win as a team. We are learning to do What's Important Now and focus on what makes us successful. Now we feel like we're winning!

Thank you, Coach Hagen!

Teams We've Helped Win

Ken Ott  

Co-Founder of Metacake,

an ecommerce growth team

"What it takes to win in business is no different than winning in the NFL. Coach Hagen knows how to build a winning team and culture. With all the other "business coaches" out there, who better to lead you than one who has coached at the highest level. Stop thinking and hire him now!"

Jeff Garcia

3 Time NFL Pro Bowler - San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

"The way Coach Hagen deals with people is unbelievable! His overall leadership skills are what he's all about. His insight and foresight draws out the winner in you!"

Eric Sipe

Director Corporate Strategy,

Nissan  North America

"Coach Hagen brings a high level of energy and positive challenge. Using relevant sports analogies, he encouraged us and challenged us in ways that improve our leadership skills, our daily business and help us win."

Steve Heiden

Tight End  San Diego Chargers, Cleveland Browns

"Steve is a great mentor, coach and friend. You have made me a better player and a better man! You brought out the best in me! NEVER FLINCH!"

Contact Coach Steve Hagen

Tel: 440 724 1841

Nashville, TN