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Defining and Refining your Culture


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Coach Steve Hagen is a highly effective leader. He draws from his 38-year professional football coaching career in the NFL, XFL, and Power Five College football.  He has taken his years of experience on the field and crossed over to personally train CEOs and Executive Leadership Teams to transform themselves and their managers into true leaders that understand why Winning is Never Accidental!


Steve's equipped with the tools, resources, and experience that you and your team need to improve your productivity, performance, and profitability. As a Vistage Executive Coach and John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker, Steve offers workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching. If you are looking for a facilitator for sales workshops, corporate training in leadership, personal coaching skills for your leaders, or a speaker for your next event, contact Steve now. 

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lessons from the locker room

Steve will teach you how to define and refine your culture that will LEAD and Develop a Winning Culture designed to increase your performance, productivity, and profitability. You will Learn to Execute and Attack with Detail (LEAD). Coach Hagen has 38-years of leadership experience as a professional football coach in the NFL, XFL, and Power Five College football.  He has taken his experience on and off the field and crossed over to personally train CEOs and Executive Leadership Teams to transform themselves and their managers into Strong Leaders that fully understand why Winning is Never Accidental! Coach Steve Hagen is equipped with the energy, experience, resources and tools that you and your team need to advance your, performance, productivity, and profitability. 

What's Your Weapon

Compete - Defeat - Repeat


5 Pursuits of Team

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Ken O. 
Co-Founder of Metacake,
an Ecommerce Growth Team

"What it takes to win in business is no different from winning in the NFL. Coach Hagen is a very high-performance coach who knows how to build a winning team and winning culture. With all the other "business coaches" out there, who better to lead you than one who has coached at the highest most competitive level. Stop thinking and hire him now!"


Jeff Garcia
3 Time NFL Pro Bowler - San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers,


"The way Coach Hagen coaches people is unbelievable! His overall leadership skills and how he teaches is what he's all about. His insight and foresight draws out the winner in you!"

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Eric S.

Director Corporate Strategy,

Nissan  North America

"Coach Hagen brought a high level of knowledge, energy and positive challenge to our executive team. His challenge caused us to change. His personal sports analogies, encouraged and challenged us in ways that we didn't expect, and in turn, improved our leadership team, our daily business and helped us win. " 

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Steve Heiden
Tight End Coach Arizona Cardinals, San Diego Chargers, Cleveland Browns

"Coach Steve is a great mentor, coach and friend. He has made me a better player and Coach, a better husband, a better father, and a better man! He brought out the best in me! Coach Hagen taught me how to win the day, every day!  NEVER FLINCH!"

Matt Clarke.png

Matt C.
COO and CFO 

Churchill Mortgage,  

"Everyone needs a coach, no matter where you are in life. With Coach Hagen, we have experienced a unique blend of steadfast discipline, energetic encouragement and a practical application of spiritual and athletic principles that has brought out the best in our team. Coach Hagen is a man you want coaching your team, your organization and your family.

Eileen C.  
Real Estate Investment Team 

From our first coaching session together, Coach Hagen helped us clarify our thoughts and he helped us identify the action steps necessary to achieve great success on our new business venture. He is a results-driven business coach that will help you see through the noise to the finish line. 

We found that Coach Steve Hagen is not only a business consultant but, most importantly, Steve is a man of God, mentor, and friend. A great sounding board! He will teach you through the WORD the formula for winning in both life and business! This combination is what makes Coach Hagen such a special human being. I would highly recommend him for anyone wanting to take their life and or business to the next level of greatness. Coach Hagen will get you there. 


Brad T.  

Thomason Associates 

"Coaching at the highest most competitive level in the NFL is no different than competing in any and every business. Coach Hagen invested his 38 years of coaching experience at the highest level into my company's culture. His business coaching acumen translates perfectly. Almost all of my team has played sports so they easily relate to Coach. Coach Hagen is not a "dime a dozen", he is different. He challenged us, he drove us and held us accountable, Coach made us better!"


Scott B.  


"I have worked with Steve on many projects including my own company as a featured speaker/coach. He has endless energy and his connection with the audience is just awesome! He easily translates his experience and knowledge from college and professional sports to the business world and the daily grind that we encounter. He kept our team engaged from the time he walked into the room until he left the building and it was amazing to see our team's response. I would highly recommend him for any future event, inside or outside of your company."




Franklin, TN

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