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winning is never accidental

Steve has taken his experience on and off the field and crossed over to personally train CEOs and Executive Leadership Teams to transform themselves and their managers into Strong, Productive, Profitable,  Leaders that fully understand why Winning is Never Accidental!

what's your weapon?


WHAT'S YOUR WEAPON?  Your WEAPON is what your selling,  your service or how you make your money. You must first choose your "Weapon".  Once you have done this, then you build your "PURSUIT DRIVEN" culture around that weapon.  My "Weapon" has been the game or business of football, I've coached in the NFL or college football for the past 38 years and there has been a defined culture on every one of those teams. What is your Weapon? And, do you have a formula for success that surrounds and activates your weapon into profitability?  What's your weapon, and why have you chosen that? Your weapon is what inspires you to work and build teams and invent and create. Starting with a good product (WEAPON) is a definite WIN when you know everything about it, then you set yourself up to winning a championship!  

Given the right WEAPON and the right culture surrounding it, the sky is the limit for success. The best companies are the ones that own it, they are success driven by their WEAPON and sustained by their CULTURE.


compete defeat repeat

 Compete, defeat, repeat! Don't you wish it was that easy? It's never easy, however, It can be easier when you have a process. Do you have a Repeatable Winning Process? Intentional repetition is a very powerful tool and matched with positive reinforcement it can be a tremendous force for good.  An RWP is what you do every day to prepare for every competition.  Every RWP should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Beginning with the 5 Pursuits, constantly keeping a structural rhythm as you "play forward", and ending with the winning of a Championship and a celebration.  When you emphasize the details of pursuing, you get detailed outcomes resulting in championships, you get what you emphasize. An RWP will give you traction on your competition, you will feel more engaged than ever, and more energized and inspired to win at everything you do. An RWP locks you into your purpose, your why, and you will be intentionally and passionately pursuing it daily. I believe how you do anything is how you should do everything. You get what you emphasize! Emphasize your Winning Process and let the MAGIC happen.

What's Your Weapon
Compete Repeat

the 5 pursuits

number 5 3_edited.png

Most every business has a "Value" system or "Principles" that the leadership has agreed upon, Most businesses have them in a handbook that they pass out to the new hires and expect them to read it and adhere to them.  So what is a Pursuit and what is the Power of Pursuit?  As a football coach we must pursue the man with the ball or he will out score us. We lose when we don't actively and aggressively pursue to our best ability. We teach it we test it and we evaluate it daily. That is the main difference with a Pursuit and a value or principle. We actively pursue.  What you Pursue is what you really want. The Power of the Pursuit is your willingness to chase and get others to chase the Championship with you on a daily basis! When you, as the leader, get your talent to pursue perfection you will win championships! The "Path to Success" is not a straight line.  The "Winning Process" starts with what are you chasing, what are you valuing, what are you actively pursuing the most? We know the end game in business is profits, but how do we get there and consistently maximize them? It begins and ends with leadership, everything rises and falls with leadership. In order to be a GREAT LEADER of a WINNING TEAM, you must understand the Power of Pursuit and the power of following these FIVE PURSUITS. 

Ask yourself these questions,

* What are you actively pursuing to perfection?

*Have you coached your team to aggressively pursue or are you tolerating their average actions?

*Are you leading your team or is your team leading you?

Just a little hint, If you're "tolerating/managing" your team and settling for average, then your team is leading you. 

5 Pursuits
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