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Everyone communicates,

very few connect

"How You Do Anything


How You Do Everything"




Change Starts With You

If  You Want to Win,

Then You Have to do Whatever it Takes to Win.

We Teach the Five Most Important Factors to Winning

 So That You Can Become a Champion for Life

Steve Hagen is a former NFL/XFL  coach and an authentic leader and a dynamic speaker that engages and challenges his audiences. He is the founder of Coach 'Em Up and has written a few books, Coach 'Em Up, Leaders Lift and Another Rep. Steve is a great storyteller that creates interactive discussions that will transform your leadership, sales, and productivity behaviors. Coach Hagen understands the importance of branding, culture, and team building. He understands what your business needs to excel in the high-stakes and overly-competitive workplace. Steve will challenge you to think about what do you want and what are you willing to sacrifice to get what you want.

Bring Coach Hagen in today and see your results change.

Using The Champion's Blueprint, he will question you and your team with your ability to motivate people, make tough choices, challenge your ability to set goals and test your strategic leadership. Coach Hagen is a transformational leader that knows that you must achieve high in order to get the consistent results you crave. When you empower teamwork you get the results you chase. Challenge yourself and change your team today! 

Chapel with the New England Patriots

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Nashville, TN