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Word Style

Language drives your culture! If words work, then you need to work your words! Words create action. There probably aren't two more different styles than that of Deion and Nick. But it's not only who you are, it's how you are.

Maslow says, "We step forward into growth, or we step back into comfort." How do you step forward into growth? Words work! Deion Sanders and Nick Saban say the same message every day. "What it takes to WIN." They each have the same message and their own style to deliver it.

Every word they say always and in all ways means something!

You as the leader must be authentically clear or you will leave room for doubt. That's your fault, not theirs. You lose leverage with your words and your words don't mean anything every time they are not backed up with authenticity and integrity. When your leader says, "we all get a bonus when we sell this much." Then we all expect a bonus when it happens! Words matter!

Vistage Steve Hagen Leader Speaker Trainer Executive Coach

What's your language, what's your style, and are you connecting when you speak? Does everyone clearly understand and trust what you are saying? The language at your business drives your culture, how you say anything is equally important to what you are saying. Your words will create action or inaction based on you. You are the coach, and what the "coach says" matters. Don't let anything get lost in translation.

Always RPN'

Never Flinch!

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