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The Wheel of Life, never stops spinning. What's your wheel look like? The center of the wheel is a 0 and the outside edge is a 10, 10 representing the best at this time. Where are you at with your Family? Faith? Friends? Fitness? Career? Finances? Personal Growth? Here's an example, but you need to make up your own. What do you want your life to look like? You get what you emphasize.

Steve Hagen Vistage Coach Leadership Growth

As you can see, this wheel can easily show you what you emphasize. If this was really my "Wheel of Life", I'd say I'm having a bumpy ride!

If this was your WHEELHOUSE would you be good with this picture of your life, or would you need to make some adjustments in how you are executing life? Do this exercise honestly every 3-6 months and see what your wheel looks like. The circle of life stops for no one, not even you, What do you want your's to look like?

Always Reppin'

Never Flinch!


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