What's your Italy?

So where do you want to go, Disney, France, Bali, the Bahamas or Italy? When and how are you going to make this happen? The main reason we have a budget is so that we can make something like this or something even better happen.

As you look at how your money flows through your home, do you see areas where you can redirect some of the "unintentional spending" into "intentional saving" or "intentional investing" into your future"? What is your "Italy" is a really good question. But a better question might be, will I ever see my "Italy" if I keep doing my business like I've alway done my business? For some people their Italy is their cable TV. Some spend upwards of $150/month on cable TV. That's their "Italy" it's a $150/month cable bill. $150/month @ 12 months equals out to be $1800/year. Spending $1,800 a year on TV is not a wise choice. That's not my Italy, but it is to some, I'm not hatin', I'm just statin', there are better investments of time and money than cable TV.

I would take that same $1,800 and add that to my "Starbucks bill" that I just sacrificed ($2.15 x 25 x 12= $645), add that to my cell phone bill that I just cut $15/month off of, (another $180/year) and feel really good. I'm just getting started, but I've already redirected $2,625 of my own hard earned money, that I can use towards an experience, or a trip or a memorable family vacation.

6 Steps to financing your goal.

1. First you must change the lens in which you see your life and future through and your money will follow. I say it all the time, change your choices, change your life. This will be one of the most financially beneficial changes that you will ever make. Change your lens!

2. Never forget that your money is your investment tool, stop paying banks and others with your hard earned money and start paying yourself first, invest in yourself. Use your money to live off of, invest with and create wonderful memories with. Money is not something that can be mishandled or wasted on frivolous items of no value.

3. Define your "Italy" What is your "Italy"? What is important to you? Is it your anniversary trip with your spouse? Is it your daughter's wedding? What is it? Define your "Italy" and put a date on when you want to see it. Strategize how to get there and go get it!

4. Take advantage of every dime that comes into your grip, telling it where to go and making sure that it gets there. Measure this so you know where it is.

5. Have a defined plan, amount you'll need, date and destination. Budgeting, or in other words, telling your money where to go and making sure that it gets there is one of the most important disciplines we can learn.

6. Start your plan. DO IT! Make your plan visible to you and any of the others that will go on this adventure (unless of course you are trying to surprise someone). When you make it visible others will hold you accountable, some may join in, and you will achieve your goal quicker.

Just by sacrificing a little cable TV, some coffee and searching the cell phone competition, I was able to invest in an experience like no other and not another "black hole". This life we are living is not a "Dress Rehearsal", we only get one shot at this, make your best life now!

Alway Reppin'

Never Flinch!

Let's GO!!!

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