Well Move Then!

"So we loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly; Hills that is, swimmin' pools, movie stars!"

Like I told you, we've moved from state to state, town to town, city to city. We've moved from coast to coast with some stops in the middle. We've loved everywhere we've lived, some places more than others. We have great family friends all over America that we love. We have bought and sold houses, some we made money off of, others, like they say in Jersey, "not so much!" We loved where we lived in New Jersey, probably on the top five stops. Close enough to New York City that we could see it from our mountain top, jump on an afternoon train and enjoy a night in the city, but still far enough away that we didn't have to feel the pain of $50/hour parking! What the what?!$%&*#?

Unfortunately, the cost of living, high property taxes and toll roads everywhere sucks all the money out of your pocket. If your not working some big time gig in Manhattan "fogetaboutit!!!" We rented in Jersey, but our neighbors were paying upward of $25k in property taxes, go figure. And if you sell your Jersey house and move out of state, you get taxed and exit "fee"! That's another secret word for tax. They can't say tax all the time because... you get the point. CRAZY!

Ohio was another expensive spot to live. You would think that it would be cheaper, being in the mid-west and all, but you'd be wrong, way wrong! There aren't that many jobs where we lived so most of the people moved to where there is work. Well that left the rest of us "loyal" citizens to pick up the tax bill. We got stuck with state tax, county tax, city tax and local tax. I always thought city was local, wrong again. Also, I came home form work one day and met my neighbor at my mailbox and he asked me if I received my water bill lately, he said that his water bill quadrupled!!! Over one months time, without notice, his water bill quadrupled!!! All of our bills did. They started charging us for the "run-off" WHAT???

So all this to say, if you can, research where you live. Even moving to the next county over may save you a couple thousand dollars a year. I know that there are many variables that come into account outside of your job when settling in, like family, "I grew up here", but it pays ten fold to do your research.

Here's a cool tool if you have time and the desire to check out some different places to live. Check out The Earth Awaits kind of fun to just explore for nothing else.

Always Reppin'

Let's GO!!!

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