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The Process

One of the players asked Larry Fitzgerald, ‘How did you stay motivated when you had so much success for so long?’,” he said, "I love the process. I love watching film. I love to practice, I caught extra balls before practice, I ran routes with the quarterback after practice, I love the process. And then when the game came, it was really, really easy."

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Coach Saban said, “And I thought that was a really good message, and I think it’s the same thing in your life. Being a good parent. Being a good husband. Doing a good job in business, whatever it is you do.”

Saban said. “I get asked that a lot, I never ever thought of this: how do you stay motivated, and I never really could answer it,” Saban continued . “I love the process. I love practicing, I like getting ready for practice, I love coaching the players on the field, trying to get them play as good as they can be, so we have the best chance, they have the best chance to be successful, we have the best chance to be successful.

Do you love the process? Or are you just going through the motions? What is your process?

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