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Quiet Quitter

Do you have some "Quiet Quitters" on your team? Quiet Quitting has become the new norm and the new term for "coasting", or the ones that are just going through the motions, or bluntly put, distracted. They're distracted with social media and everything else on their phone or computer. They're in every business, they're in yours too, it's just a matter of how quickly you see it and how long you will tolerate it as the leader.

In pro sports, however, there really aren't many quiet quitters if any at all, because every competition is a job interview. You'd only be quitting on yourself. Pro athletes can't "coast" they are like entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs can't coast, if they work, it works! If you "coast" as an entrepreneur it will kill your business.

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So how do you as the leader solve this problem of quiet quitters/coasters on your team? In the coaching business, we made everyone leave their phone in their locker during meeting times, otherwise, we had HUGE distractions, you most likely can't do that where you work. At my house, our kids didn't get a phone until they were 18. You may say, "that's crazy!" We were just trying to eliminate the noise in their life. We didn't think it was crazy, our kids did, but we as parents didn't, that's how we rolled as a family so they knew the expectations.

So how do you do address this issue of "coasting" as the leader of a company?

1. Clarity is Kind! Make sure that everyone clearly knows what is expected of them. That's your job as the leader. You are the example!

2. Why? Tell them Why what is expected of them is so important for the team to prosper. When you know we grow, when you grow we GOOO!!! We need you at your best!

3. How? Teach them how to do what you expect of them. Teach and Test! As the leader you are the coach, you are the teacher, and you are the standard.

4. Accountability! Hold everyone accountable to their expectations, beginning with you. Ultimately you have to hold yourself accountable, you have to be clear, you have to detail the expectations, you have to explain the Why's and the How's, you have to lead!

When everyone clearly understands their expectations and that we're all connected all the time, and that we need everyone to be their best, then we'll be strong. This isn't about holding people hostage with your HR department, this is about personal growth. You as the coach/leader/CEO must teach your team not only the WHY, you must also teach them the HOW and the level of expectations.

How do you do that? It all starts with CLARITY! HOW and WHY begin with CLARITY. My kids thought not having a phone until they were 18 was the stupidest thing on the planet. We were very clear with them WHY we felt the way we did and gave them expectations. When you begin with being consistently clear, upfront and honest everything else will follow that pattern. I always say, "Clarity is Kind!" It's not easy to be an entrepreneur, you've got to be Wired to WIN! Get your WHY and your HOW down and the "Quiet Quitters" will either grow or have to go. Don't tolerate average.

Always RPN'

Never Flinch!

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