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Process This

What do your eyes process when you're at work? It has been said that "you're eyes are the window to your soul". Your eyes are also how we process information. Athletes and leaders of all sorts show this ability time in and time out. They can easily walk into a situation and look and assess what's going on in an extremely short time. Can you process what's going on in a "mili-second"? Have you gotten enough REPs at what you do that you can process what's happening quick?

Vistage speaker coach trainer Steve Hagen

I love looking at athletes eyes, they have great anticipation and the ability to keep playing forward. Can you anticipate? Do you know what it is to play forward? Both come through wisdom, which comes through experience? Everything you do adds to your experience portfolio which can relate to your wisdom bank, which allows you to process rapidly.

Always RPN'

Never Flinch!

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