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Phone it In

Nick Saban is the goat, and that sometimes requires having very strict rules. Once situations are no longer disciplined, mistakes are much more likely to be made. He didn’t get to his level of domination by not keeping his players focused, and he knows cell phone access during team events is a distraction waiting to happen.

"Nothing is more dangerous than complacency. The rule is simple. Players can't bring their cell phone into a meeting. If they do, they lose it for a day.

Repeat offenders lose their phone for an entire week."

Vistage Steve Hagen Speaker Leader teacher Trainer Executive coach

Saban went on to share that they don't have any issues with cell phones because of that approach.

Now, this doesn't mean that the typical high school kid will respond to that kind of rule, in the same way, a highly sought-after Alabama football player with a vision of playing the National Championship and in the NFL will, but a lot of industries love to take pieces of Saban's model (or "The Process") at Alabama and incorporate it into what they do at their business, so his approach may not be yours, but it's been working for Nick.

What's going on at your place and does it help you WIN?

Always RPN'

Never Flinch!

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