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Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Neuro Linguistic Programming, I'm old enough to remember when we called this the Power of Positive Thought! Probably can't make as much money off of it with that name though, HA! NLP is simply defined as, how you use your language will determine the outcome of your unconscious behavior. All this is TRUE because your mindset gives you momentum! How do you predictably change the outcome and behavior through the choice of your language though? Most people have to speak before they talk, I've been guilty of getting that backwards at times though, HA! So with that being said, we can reprogram ourselves and others by the language we choose to use to get a desired result.

For example, Coach Holtz would say this to our team when I coached with him at Notre Dame, "Your talent determines what you're capable of doing, your motivation determines what you do and your attitude determines HOW WELL your going to do it. Your attitude will give us an edge" Nick Saban at Alabama says, "you can be a BUT player or an AND player. A BUT player says I will do this BUT I won't or can't do this. The AND player says, " I can do this AND this, whatever I can do to help the team win."

Steve Hagen Vistage Business Coach Lou Holtz

Words are powerful, self talk is powerful, both ways positive and negative words work! Most people think that they're OK because they don't completely understand the consequences of negative self talk or negative talk in general. The power of words can lift or crush. Good leaders LIFT, they lift with words and actions. Do you want to grow? Do you want to change? How does a person grow not just a little bit, but exponentially? If you really want to grow and change you not only speak positively and kindly to yourself and about yourself, but you must also speak precisely to and about yourself. You will determine how far you will go and grow by the consistent positive language you that you choose to use to and about yourself.

In coaching, there are coaches that say "don't fumble the ball", which puts a negative connotation on the play and the player. Another way to convey this same outcome is to say, "when we take care of the ball. we take care of our team"

The leader's/coach's biggest job is to repeat the vision over and over, and using the right powerful language is important! We're all connected all the time and when we speak highly of others it helps them and you. To be different you have to be intentionally different, speak and act differently. Do yourself a favor, say something precisely positive about yourself to yourself before this day ends, give yourself some momentum for tomorrow. Is it NLP or the Power of Positive Thought? It's all GOOD!

Let's GOOOO!

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