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Lonely at the Top?

It's lonely at the TOP! When your the leader there are a few things that you expect and there are a few that you don't realize until you get there. One is, it can be lonely at the TOP! Not every body has to make the decisions that you have to make, not every one has to feel the consequences of the decisions that you have to make either. Not every one sees it the way that you have to see it, not every one can see it your way because your lens is different. Knowing eyes see more, knowing ears hear more! That's why your at the top, you have the knowing eyes and ears! You'll surround yourself with TRUSTWORTHY confidants soon or eventually. Depending on how you go about doing this will determine how far and how fast you will go. But remember, it can be lonely at the TOP, BUT it doesn't have to be. Be sure to remember all the people you met along the way and thank them for helping you get to the TOP. Remember, knowing eyes and ears see and hear more, you see and hear more instances where people have helped you get to the TOP. It can get real lonely at the TOP when it's all about you.

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