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It Matters!

Just when you thought it didn't matter, Oh it matters! Leadership always matters.

Longtime NFL cornerback Terence Newman played under former head coach Zimmer and went on to coach under him, serving as the Vikings’ defensive backs coach since 2018. Newman admitted that players “dreaded going to work” in Zimmer’s final years, as the organizational culture became so bad.

Vistage Steve Hagen speaker trainer coach leader NFL Vikings

“It became toxic,” Newman said. “It was a trickle effect. If players are dreading getting cussed out and s— like that, then it’s going to make it a long day for everybody.”

Do you ever sense this in your leadership? Do you have a close enough confidant that will tell you the truth before it's too late? Your leadership matters because everyone sees it and feels it. Don't let your blind spot get so big that you can't see yourself. BTW - the Vikings beat the Packers in their first game out. Just saying! It Matters!

Always RPN'

Never Flinch!

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