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Influence is getting your people to believe it's their idea. How do you influence an audience, whoever your audience may be:

  1. Build Rapport

  2. Build Credibility

  3. Grab Their Interest

People, us, we, all think in pictures, When you talk you have to paint a picture. Your words need to draw a picture. It has been said that the two most powerful words heard are,

Vistage Coach Trainer Speaker Steve Hagen

"coach says." Coach says you need to listen to your dad, coach says you need to do your homework, coach says you need to be polite. What is your coach saying to you? How are you being influence by their words?

The way we phrase things creates influence. Those word pictures that you have painted will create feelings emotions that change the way the listeners feel. Those feelings will generate actions. And if everything goes the way you've planned those actions will generate income. Income for your company and you. Words are powerful, they cause people to act. Your influence is powerful, your influence can cause people to act!

Always RPN'

Never Flinch!

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