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I Don't Know

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

I don't know what to charge! It's based on your awareness of your value. You've got to be able to sell yourself, or better yet, have someone sell you. Word of mouth does a lot of things, and selling is one of the most effective. When someone else's kind words come from their mouth to endorse your skills you've got a far greater chance to win. Why do you think "influencer" sales work so well. My son is an "influencer". He gets paid to give "good words" from his mouth. You create value with influence. Why does influencing impact?

Steve Hagen Vistage Coach

  1. You get broader exposure for your BRAND

  2. Cool is Cool, your audience is your influencers, if it's Cool for them, then it's COOL

  3. Their "Word of Mouth" hits the BULLSEYE!

  4. Relationship creates ROI

  5. Your competition is already doing it, you're left behind now if you're not.

Go gift someone with your value and have them go influence. Do you Believe? Go tell.

Always Reppin'

Never Flinch!


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