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How Quick?

Whales don't see the water they swim in. After 90 days you won't see the water you swim in either. How quick can you get comfortable? I would tell my players this all the time, "Whoever gets the most comfortable the quickest wins!"

There are times when you feel overwhelmed or swamped with work, family and a whole bunch of other stuff that fills up your day. How do you get comfortable? REPs! You need to learn more, know yourself and know your competition. Nothing will make you more comfortable then when you have a greater understanding of yourself and your competition. How do I do that?

Steve Hagen Executive Coach trainer Speaker Leader

Ask yourself these questions: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually.

  1. What did I learn about me and my business?

  2. What could I be doing better?

  3. What do I do consistently well?

  4. What I am I going to do better?


Always RPN

Never Flinch!

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