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Updated: Feb 15, 2022

"The difference between a HALO and a NOOSE is about 6 inches and one knot away, be HUMBLE." Bobby Bowden. I love most coaches and their perspectives, this one included. As an NFL Coach I've learned humility game after game. Winning takes as much if not more humility as does losing. Both, winning and losing are GREAT teachers. But remember, the teacher only arrives when the student is willing. Here are ways to show humility as the leader, see if you can exercise any of these yourself.

A Humble Leader is:

  1. A Servant Leader, Puts Others First

  2. A Great Listener

  3. Is Situationally Aware

  4. Understands the Value of Relationships

  5. Makes Difficult Decisions With Confidence and Ease

  6. Is Appreciative, Takes Time To Say “Thank You”

  7. Is Intentional

Steve Hagen Vistage High-Performance Business Coach

Are you willing learn or to be hung by your own pride? Are you a humble leader? What kind of leader are you? Leaders Lift! They lift the team, they lift the spirit, they lift the direction! They're intentional, they don't manage, they lead! They know how quickly a Halo becomes a Noose.

Always Reppin'

Never Flinch!


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