First we make our Habits, then our Habits make us.

Updated: Jun 28, 2020


First, we make our Habits, then our Habits make us.

Hey, listen, I know saving money isn’t the sexiest thing going and most see it as really boring, but it’s just one of those non-negotiables in life. Did you know that 63% of Americans don’t even have enough to cover a $500 emergency? Yikes!!!

We all have habits deeply

engrained into our brains. Some of those habits, like saying please and thank you or holding the door open for others are great instincts. Others, like whipping out your debit card to buy another pair of Nikes when you know there’s only $27 left in your bank account? Yea, not so much, maybe not such a great idea.

If you truly want to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck and really embrace a financially debt-free, stable lifestyle, you need to change your habits. Change your choices, change your life. Change your habits, change your habitat.

These 4 Great Tips will help you to stop wondering how you’re going to afford your next electricity bill and instead start wondering where to invest and grow your LIFE savings.

1. Eating Out – This is a very expensive habit! Did you know that it’s 325% more expensive to eat out versus eating at home? What the WHAT??? That’s why one of the best habits is to go to your local grocery store and start eating more at home. This will reconnect you with your family all while saving a lot of money. BOOM! Double Whammy!

2. Don’t Over-Pay on Your Car Insurance – Especially not that Covid has hit you can be more competitive with your choices for insurance. You’re driving the same roads with a lot of people. ‘Texters’, who are totally oblivious to other people on the road, you included, road-rage people, you included and just overall bad drivers, not you included. It’s always best to cover yourself with the best car insurance that you can find.

This is exactly why car insurance exists and is mandatory. However, you might be overpaying on your current insurance premium. One of the main reasons your overpaying is because shopping for car insurance can be a major hassle, and you'd rather stay loyal to your provider. Both reasons are exactly why you should be shopping. Your loyalty, although may sound good, may be costing you a fortune. Do yourself a HUGE favor and shop around and find out what’s best for you. It may be the little hassle that can save you a lot of money.

3. Tell your money where to go - What have you found that easily helps you budget? I know just hearing the word budget makes everyone cringe, you and me both. But, there are some very simple to follow budgeting tools/apps that pull your historical spending, that will organize it for you, and allow you to clearly see your spending habits so you can set a target budget with context. (Aka, you can see what you’re wasting your hard-earned money on). Do yourself another HUGE favor and start telling your money where to go, instead of having your lack of money STRESS you out. Choose to make a new habit.

4. What the heck is my Credit Score? - Most people have no clue what their Credit Score is, or why it’s even important. I know because I rarely tracked my credit score in my "former uninterested, uninformed life". But believe me, it’s extremely smart to keep an eye on your credit score to make sure it doesn’t fall due to forgotten and unpaid bills. Did you know that a low credit score could affect your ability to actually rent an apartment, get a car and even get a simple cellphone plan? That’s the truth, so let’s not let that happen. Make another habit of checking your score. It's simple to do, just put a notification on your phone calendar to remind you to check it. DONE! Super simple.

Turn these four simple things into a habit and a lot of the other things in your life will fall into place. First you create your habits, then your habits create you.

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