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Don't Beat Yourself

Yesterday Novak Djokovic beat Nick Kyrgios to win his fourth in a row Wimbledon Championship! It was the story of two completely different mindsets. One calm and collected , the other, hot and volatile. Both made it to the championship, but only one can win it in the end. The one that flinched first lost.

Vistage Steve Hagen coach trainer speaker leader

There's always a lesson to be learned in everything we do or see. Yesterday's Wimbledon lesson was, don't beat yourself. It's extremely hard to get to the top of any mountain, whatever "your mountain" is, don't self-sabotage in such a way that you block yourself from being all that you can be. Believe me when I say this, there are enough people in this world that will "cut" you, you don't have to do it yourself. Your self talk should be "put-ups" not put downs. Positive words of affirmation. Put yourself up and ignore all the noise, you've got a Championship to WIN!

Let's GOOOO!

Always RPN'

Never Flinch!

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