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Culture is King

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Where Culture is King. Michigan State's head football Coach Mel Tucker, said this, "Human beings can live for two weeks on one compliment." Tucker stresses non-negative language. "Negativity works negatively 100 percent of the time. Culture breeds consistency and consistency in performance is how you become successful."

Eighty-five percent of CEOs and CFOs believe their culture is not where it needs to be, but don't know how to change it. I was just working out at the my local gym and I had a conversation with a guy that told me that his home grown business of thirty years, that he worked with his whole career, just got bought out by a major Fortune 500 company and it's companies culture went away with the sale of the business. He is really struggling with the fact that there is no "feel for, or in his work any more, it's just work", he told me. He said, " Before everybody knew the owner and really everybody knew everybody, but now we're so big we don't feel like we know anybody, we just do our job" If Culture is King and Culture is the way you Think, Act and Interact, then it's best that we emphasize the development of our Culture or we won't have one at all. We will all just go to work... and get BEAT DOWN by the companies that have a great culture. People want to be led, and loved. "Human beings can live for two weeks on one compliment." One major component of your business strategy is to create your culture. Leaders lift. Follow me here and I'll show you how we do it!

Steve Hagen Vistage Business Coach

I would add culture is the way you collectively think, act and interact.

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