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Culture Beats Strategy

“We have been engineering a special team, organization, and culture at the Rams, and we have been doing it with special people,” said Les Snead GM of the LA Rams. Both Snead and the HC Sean McVay got contract extensions and raises, Why? Because they earned it. They led their Rams to two Super Bowls in five years and won one of them. That in itself makes PROFITS SOAR!!!!

Steve Hagen Vistage Speaker Leader Trainer Coach CEO

What's your Super Bowl? Do you know exactly who you're looking for and how to retain them and make them play like champions? Almost every team in the NFL runs the same plays, the plays may be called something different, but essentially they are the same. So what's the difference? Do you say talent? Every team has talent too, it's arguably the league with the most parity of all. Culture! How do you build a WINNING CULTURE? How do you get your team to buy in and keep showing up? Culture is team chemistry, good or bad, either way, you have a culture. You have to consistently define it and refine it. Culture is not a sign hanging on the wall in the cafeteria. Who defines our culture? We do this by who and how we are collectively day in and day out. The rise and fall of our culture will be directly defined by how we lead.

Always RPN'

Never Flinch!

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