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Do you have the moral courage to confront someone that isn't right? Can you deal with people in a timely, thorough fashion or do you keep putting it off hoping someone else will handle it or it will eventually go away by itself? Leaders gain respect by how courageous and timely they are, in the same way, they lose respect by not doing what is right at the right time.

Steve Hagen Vistage Speaker Coach

It takes courage to confront someone that everyone knows is in the wrong, someone has to do it and when you're in the BIG CHAIR, you're the one. Some leaders are devout cowards when it comes to "getting it right."

Make sure that you get the TRUTH, there are no VERSIONS of the TRUTH! Then go directly to them and confront them with the TRUTH. You've got to be able to confront, challenge and encourage as a leader. Then you will have their respect. Rules without respect leads to rebellion, that's why you can't just confront, you must challenge and encourage. If that doesn't work, someone's gotta GO!

Always RPN'

Never Flinch!

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