Costco Christmas

Like I've said before in these blogs, I only write about stuff that I have experience with, and because I've lived in 16 different states, I've been exposed to a lot of different experiences. Now that I've been financial coaching, I get to meet with a bunch of different people all the time and I get a huge array of questions, from not only how to reduce my debt, to where do I invest my money now, to this BIGGEST one of all, do I like Costco?

My answer is "Yes", it's always Yes. If it were just for the price of gas and hotdogs alone, I still like Costco. Like I've said earlier, I've lived in 16 different states and Costco has always been a consistent winner for our family in all those places, I have 3 boys, we can eat hotdogs. HA!

A Costco membership cost about $60 dollars a year. I can save that much in gas on all three of my cars in one week. Seriously, in my town, gas at a station is selling for $2.65 - $2.95/gallon, at Costco, directly across the street, it's going for $2.15/gallon. When you can save $.50/gallon on 16 gallon tank = $8.00 x 3 cars. For us that is a minimum savings of about $600/year in gasoline. You do the math for your family, but I know we'll keep renewing our membership until something drastically changes.

Last Christmas we bought a "natural Christmas tree", as opposed to the plastic one that we've had planted in our living room in years past. We rolled into Costco around Thanksgiving and got our tree for $35 as opposed to the local tree lot on the corner selling for $20/foot.

The list goes on, windshield wiper blades, toilet paper, TV's and my favorite, wine. I'm by no stretch of the imagination a connoisseur of the world's finest wines, but I always seem to find one or three that I like. This is just a small crazy assortment of savings. I suggest you go do the math for yourself and see if Costco fits your needs. But this is my story and I'm sticking to it.

So this Christmas give yourself and early gift. Go get yourself a membership, in turn you'll be able to tie a nice freshly cut Christmas tree to the roof of your car that you just filled up with some discount gas. Step inside and a select a nice bottle of wine and before you get your receipt marked at the exit, you may want to add a Hotdog and a drink for $1.50. You'll be able to get out of there for under $100 with a smile on your face as you go drink a nice bottle of wine while you decorate your tree.

I count this as another win!

Merry Christmas early.

Let's Go!

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