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You want to know who your doing business with. That's more of a statement than a question, but both work. As you go through life, you may find that there are at least three levels of friendship, at least I have. There is a colleague, you know the person you do things with, but your not super close to, you're mostly just associated with them on some level because you went to college with them or work with them. Then there's a comrade, this is the guy that you like to hang out with, they're fun, but nothing too personal. Then there is your confidant. Your confidant is your "true friend", it can look like this or...

Steve Hagen Business Leadership Vistage Chair Speaker Leader Coach Executive

it can look like this.

Steve Hagen Vistage Chair Executive Coach trainer Speaker Leadership

They know things about you that no one else does and they keep it that way. Whether your in business or the business of ball, they have your back and you have theirs.

It's a lot easier to move from confidant to colleague, than it is to go from colleague to confidant. Both directions will take you through some fire. Together you will find out where you are with each other. More fire, more definition. You'll probably have way more colleagues than confidants at the end of the day, all good though, we need everyone to sharpen who we are.

Always RPN

Never Flinch!

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