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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Loyalty, or blind loyalty can sometimes be a bad thing when it comes to saving money. It's easy to say that I'm not going to eat out as much to save money, but to do that is a whole different commitment, which can be a problem. Imagine, or you may not have to imagine, that you're a family of four, going out to eat once or twice a week minimum, that can be extremely costly! Even if you're just going to pump your brakes to get some quick and cheap "fast food", not so fast my friend, it's not cheap or fast in most cases. Don't think this happens? Travel sports, dance, gymnastics, cheer, all of these after school events put a HUGE whack on your wallet. By the end of practice, heading home, who wants to even think about cooking something for dinner? Pump your brakes, turn into the drive through and pick up a couple bags of whatever, CHA-CHING$$$.

Clipping coupons is another way to save, but I don't know many people that have enough sticktoitiveness to make "clipping" a long term habit.

But there are some simple money saving "hacks" that you can do once a year and save. Something that you do't have to do every week or every day. Start by writing down every single monthly bill, including the amount. If you have a loan(s), write down the interest rate(s) that you are paying too.

Here is a list of our common monthly bills.



*Insurance (Car, Health, Homeowners)

*Cell Phone

*Utilities (Gas, Water, Trash)

*TV - Hulu

Here are some monthly bills that we used to have and I'm glad we don't anymore.

*Car Loans

*Credit Card Debt

*Subscriptions (Direct TV, Amazon Prime, Sling)

An here is a monthly bill that we can say that we are blessed to never have had.

*Student Loan

Just looking at this list is exhausting, you can easily see how we end up with too much month at the end of our money.

Once you've completed your list, ask yourself these questions.

1. Do I really need this right now?

2. Do I have to have this exact brand or is there another option?

3. Where can I get what I must have for less?

Now that you know the answer to all of these questions, it's time to make some changes. It's going to take a lot of diligence and a lot of phone calls, but not as much as cutting coupons out every week. You only have to do this once every so often, like when you're sick and tired of being sick and tired of looking at your stack of monthly bills. We have saved thousands a month just by changing what we could and eliminating all that we could (car payments - hate 'em!) The good thing is, there is so much competition for your dollar out there that you can and most likely will, find a better fit for your needs. You just have to be willing to do some research and compete. If you want to win, compete. After all, it is your money, and wouldn't you rather pay yourself than overpay the cell phone company? Just checking!

Let's Go!

Never Flinch!

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