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Am I Clear?

Somebody is going to WIN. That's just how it is. If you want to consistently win you've got to be CLEAR! You are the leader. Your message must be received and acted upon or you're not the leader. You'll know when you are a leader with followers when your message is acted upon consistently well.

Know this;

You're not a coach without players,

You're not a teacher without students,

You're not a doctor without patients,

and You're not a leader without followers.

This weekend marks the start of a fast, physical violent college and professional football season. You will easily see as a spectator, the teams that consistently win will know exactly what they are doing, how they are doing it, and why it works. It's very clear to them. Their leader (AKA. Head Coach) has a process and a vision that is crystal clear to everyone! Every player, every trainer, every coach, everyone knows their job and how to execute. They have been tested and trained to be trusted with a clear mission in mind.

Vistage Steve Hagen leader speaker trainer coach

Have you ever sat in your office and asked yourself, "why doesn't it work, why aren't we selling this many whatevers? Why can't we close the BIG account?" Clarity! When you have clarity in every conversation you have, then you will win! You will have exactly what you're looking for as a coach, teacher, doctor, CEO, leader, and parent. And your followers will not only follow, they will gather other followers. That's when you WIN!

Be honest with yourself, sometimes you're not clear on purpose because you don't want to hurt their feelings. Great leaders keep it clear, concise and quick. If you want to fix the team you have to fix yourself first. Someone is always going to WIN, make it you. CLEAR?!!?

Always RPN'

Never Flinch!

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