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Some leaders consider RISK a "Four Letter Word"! I coached a game for 38 years that is all about RISK REWARD. If you just watched the Super Bowl you saw RISK being played out live on TV. If we go for it here we have a chance at winning it all, if we don't get it right here, right now, we may lose it all. BIG RISK, BIG REWARD! Fear the "Four Letter Word" go home empty. Make your choice, NOW, the clock is TICKING!


Steve Hagen Leadership Coach Vistage

How do you navigate through your RISK factors? Here is a quick compass to help you navigate.

Experience - Been There Done That

Team - Has Anyone on your team been there done that?

History - When and Where have you seen this Happen?

Trust - Honor the Information, Honor Your Instincts

Some don't have a heart or a stomach for it. If you do, surround yourself with like minded people, Intelligent, Experienced, History Imprinted Souls that will help you WIN! If you come up short, you'll have created a callous for your next RISK and you'll be better off for the journey!

Always Reppin'

Never Flinch!


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