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Give it up for Tim. Give it up for a man who gives it up. Even if he's giving up his Heisman Trophy.

If there is any doubt that Tim Tebow gives back, I bring you a story that I hadn't heard until this week. It's a story about a kind gesture that was spurred on by none other than Coach Nick Saban.

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Years ago, the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner was a guest at a big gala that was benefitting the families of soldiers who lost their lives during battle. Tim learned that Coach Saban was contributing to the auction. Tim tells radio host Dan Patrick that he didn't want Coach Saban raising more money than him, so he thought of what he possessed that Coach Saban didn't that might draw some big money from the wealthy people at the gala.

Suddenly, it came to him: Tim Tebow would auction off his Heisman Trophy!

"I hate losing to Nick Saban and Alabama" Tebow tells Patrick. "It only happened once, and it was one of the worst days of my life- so I'm thinking, you know what, I wanna help, but I also want to beat Coach Saban."

On the night of the gala, Kathie Lee Gifford walked off with Tim's Heisman that she kept for a year.

For the past 8 years, Tim has auctioned off his Heisman every 6 to 12 months- it's most recently been at singer Luke Bryan's house.

And the best part of this story? The auctions have made over a million dollars, all of which Tim gives to charities.

For some reason, Tim Tebow has his share of critics- I'm not sure why.

The fact of the matter is that the Heisman winner is generous with his time, supports children and adults with special needs, and gives millions of dollars to charity. He’s also kind and patient, a believer who is proud to share his faith.

So give it up for Tim.

Give it up for a man who gives it up.

Always RPN'

Never Flinch!

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