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80 - 1

Who would have ever imagined? 80 - 1 are you crazy??? Those were the odds for Rich Strike to win the Kentucky Derby. He didn't know it though. Last time I checked horses can't read, they can run though and that's what he did, he RAN!

Vistage steve hagen speaker trainer coach

Rich Strike is on a "need to know" basis and he didn't need to know that he was the longest shot to win the Kentucky Derby in over 100 years. Deep down in our DNA God has wired us to do awesome things, sometimes we block ourselves because we read or hear or see something that halts us in our tracks. I say if you want it go get it! Put your "blinders" on and start running! Compete, Compete, COMPETE! I may be a 200 - 1 shot, I don't want to hear about it. I've got a RACE TO WIN!!!

Always RPN'

Never Flinch!

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