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Updated: Feb 15, 2022

So is it really a CRISIS or can we handle it? Not everything is a CRISIS, because as you know if everything is a CRISIS than really nothing is a crisis. At least that's the way I see it. One of the Five most important pursuits in building a consistently Winning team is NEVER FLINCH! If we're flinching all the time, then when do we have time to do anything else?!?? Remember these 5 things about crisis and you'll be able to see beyond it better:

1. Crisis is Common - Minor or Major surgery? Minor surgery is when you're going through it, Major surgery is when I'm going through it! There is a HUGE difference between observation and experience. When you're going through it, I'm observing it. When I'm going through it, I'm experiencing it, I'm living it! "IT", whatever "IT" is is always more of a CRISIS when I'm going through it. How you respond and react is based on what's inside of you.

2. Crisis is a Distraction - If you look at CRISIS through a different lens you can gain traction through distraction. How you view it, is how you do it! Some people view crisis like this - Crisis = Distraction = NOISE = Failure! Others view crisis as an advantageous opportunity to WIN Crisis = Opportunity = Teamwork = WIN. You can manipulate or motivate, what do you choose do?

Manipulate - Do you move people for your advantage. Boss - employee

Motivate - Do you inspire people for their advantage. Leader - Team

The TEAM comes first. Adding value by putting others first.

3. Crisis Reveals what's Inside Us - When you squeeze an orange you get orange juice. When you squeeze your team, or whoever's on your team, what comes out? Whoever gets squeezed reveals whatever's inside them, positive or negative.

Choices make us, CRISIS reveals us! We have control over our choices, we don't have control over all of our circumstances. We can only control who we are in ALL situations.

The best path to an authentic life is through your scars. Setbacks are Setups for a GREAT COMEBACK! Crisis can bring GREAT WISDOM. Wisdom comes from dealing with your mess. I made a mistake or a "messtake", but I'm not a mistake or a "messtake". Crisis transformation is next to impossible until you recognize and fix it through the lens of good values. Your values are the fabric that you're made up of.

Steve Hagen Vistage Business Coach

4. Crisis Requires Adaptability - All good coaches/leaders have a good game plan, but the GREAT coaches adapt to the actual game that is being played in real life, in real time!

Hall of Fame Golfer Tom Watson said it this way, "I had to adjust my way to VICTORY"

5. Crisis is the Time when REAL Leaders Show Up - In a war the soldiers should always see their leader's back. Here are some time tested principles of a GREAT LEADER:



Stand Up and Stand Out

Clarity - Instills Confidence and Hope

What are the Pains - Gains and Experiences of your latest Crisis?

Roy Disney said, "Great leaders have great foresight, no great sailors became GREAT on a calm sea."

Always Reppin'

Never Flinch!


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