Most People Don't Know What a Coach Can do until They Get One.
 A Quality Coach Drives Quality Results.
A  Quality Coach Brings Value and Purpose to your Life and Business. 
Your Life Will Positively Change.

Everything Rises


Falls with leadership

"What it takes to win in business is no different than winning in the NFL. Coach Hagen knows how to build a winning team and culture. With all the other "business coaches" out there, who better to lead you than one who has coached at the highest level. Stop thinking and hire him now!"

Ken Ott      Owner - Metacake


Winning is Never Accidental. Individuals, couples, teams or companies that lack the traits of clear communication, clear vision and a strong commitment die.  That is why Leadership/Coaching is so important. 

See, my biggest take away from this entire experience was that professionals have coaches, amateurs do not.

This is true about everything in life. From athletes to business owners and from relationships to personal finances, professionals understand that they don’t know what they don’t know.

Even to this day, with all of my success, I work with coaches in all areas of life—mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

That’s exactly why The Champions Blueprint, delivered at an office or off-site location, will challenge leaders to be more positive, engaging and create a culture of teamwork needed to win.  During our leadership training, you will assess your culture, identify your organizational strengths (core values)  and implement principles and practices that transform entitlement into empowerment. Personal coaching transforms a lack of communication and poor vision into high ownership and elite personal performance! 

Winning is Never Accidental

Based on Coach Hagen's books "The Champion's Blueprint" and  "Coach Em Up", and his passion for winning, he will activate within you a proven model that has been put into practice by various leaders on teams such as Nissan, Metacake, WrightCore, the NY Jets and Notre Dame.

Applying compelling stories, interactive discussions and customized self-esteem building strategies that address your wants and needs, you will leave more focused, more optimistic, more connected, better prepared to win and you will gain more traction in the ever-changing business world. What are you willing to sacrifice to get what you want?

Winning is Never Accidental

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