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I have read Coach Hagen's books and there is a nugget of wisdom on every page. I constantly take notes when reading his books and use his ideas and stories at work and at home. 

His books have invaluable lessons in the form of story telling from his life experiences that are well organized and easy to follow. All of his principles apply to everyday life. If your job is to motivate and inspire others, these are the books for you. I have bought many and shared them with friends.

Jim Keating -  V.P - dexYP 

Winning is a by-product of every relationship.

Winning is Never Accidental

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Your repetitions make your reputation. A Rep for every day of the year.

"Another Rep" is full of thought-provoking inspiration and devotion. 

Rep #288

Eyes that look are common, eyes that see are rare. The Pharisees looked at Peter and only saw an unschooled fisherman, not worth a second look. Jesus saw Peter as a prophet and a preacher, a Saint and a leader who helped turn the world upside down.


Another Rep

Rep #102

In the fourth quarter our leadership, our unity, our understanding of personnel, our fulfillment of roles, all those things come out, and that's the way we won. We knew each other. 

Michael Jordan


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